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Island Tours

Blue Lagoon Dive Shop has guides who are not only experts in the WWII shipwrecks and underwater exploration, the guides also can find amazing sites to visit on Weno, Eten and Tonoas.  Beautiful overlooks, some with war artifacts, can be found in the lush, green islands of the lagoon. Take a drive and short hike to the Weno Lighthouse. See the old command post on Eten. Drive around scenic Tonoas and see the former jail and the general's quarters. Or kayak the lagoon, snorkel a remote reef or just go lay on a secluded beach. Arrangements can be made to see fascinating bits of history and you will glimpse daily Chuukese life as well.  

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For Fun and Fascinating Island Tours

CONTACT the Blue Lagoon Dive Shop:
Tel: (691) 330-3873

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