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Spend the day... spend a week... on a real Pacific lagoon coconut tree-covered island. Great for a day of snorkeling to see beautiful corals and colorful tropical fish and to get away from it all. Jeep and Fonomu Islands are the real deal. Each island also has a small cabin and picnic area so people can even glamp out under the stars and sleep to the sounds of the waves hitting the sandy islet shores.



JEEP Island is found in the southern lagoon not far from the outer barrier reef. It is "out there". It is known for the bottlenose dolphins that swim near it during summer season.  It has beautiful coral gardens and a small but comfortable house to stay overnight under the incredible Chuuk Milky Way.


Fonomu is found east of Tonoas and SE of Weno. It has nice reefs, a dropoff area, sandy beaches and a swimming hole. There are a couple of guesthouses here and lots of towering palm trees. Here the night sky is also incredible and all you hear is the sound of the waves lapping on the shore.

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